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  • Auto White Widow
    Auto White Widow

    This auto flowering plant is the auto flowering version of the White...

    63 zł
  • White Widow Automatic
    White Widow Automatic

    White Widow Automatic z Royal Queen Seeds to kolejna, automatycznie...

    36 zł
  • Critical Kush
    Critical Kush

    Critical Kush to efekt bardzo długiegiej pracy nad genami dwóch słynnych...

    151 zł
  • Passion 1
    Passion 1

    Passion #1® to Indica, stworzona w latach '70 w Kalifornii. W Holandii...

    91 zł
  • Cannatonic

    Cannatonic to medyczna odmiana o zawartości CBD równej zawartości THC....

    105 zł

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    Her origins rooted in the middle east give this plant big size and strength, amazing for an autoflowering.Taste of afghan hash, if you want a fast crop ride this magic carpet for an arabian nights experience

    26 zł
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    Unforgettable experience in flavour and effect. Misterious genetics give her an enormous size and lots of flowers.

    41 zł
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    Slightly endogenous cross between excellent indica varieties. Genetic Misty has revolutionized the 80s. The origin of this variety is anonymous, however seen the high concentration of CBD Positronics decided to conserve it and import it from USA.

    51 zł
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    Blue Rhino is the result of selections among hundreds of plants, a classic creation process that guarantees one of the strongest and best hybrid that the expertest farmers asked. Blue's gene: it was selected an original female from British Columbia for its unique organoleptic properties to give flavour and aroma of blueberry and gooseberry.

    47 zł
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    The skunk's varieties supposed a successful for the cannabis cultivation. Its citric flavour and taste fascinated hundreds of thousands of farmers, whom continue to fill the gardens of these qualities. Positronics has created a Skunk for the XXI century. Caramelice captures the aroma and taste of its parents, but it's more resistant to fungus attacks but...

    43 zł
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    It picks you up in a medieval cathedral. Claustrum is our rarest creature of sativa's. It's a three band-cross among heterozygous families: Kali Mist, Super Silver Haze and Jack Herer. The first cross was done between Super Silver Haze and Kali Mist. The plant selected expressed at 50% its parents. This super-sativa hybrid was crossed with one of the best...

    55 zł
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    Great hybridisation between two of sweetest varieties on the market: Critical Mass and AK47. It results the perfectional development of skunk. Crossing between them we was able to increase also more the old taste of skunk.

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    Our automatic version of the winner critical mass has all the caracteristics that made it famous: smell, flavour, big crop... AT LEAST! autoflowerings of great size and effect.

    29 zł
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    Cum Laude borns as an acknowledgement to Mr. Antonio Escohotado, for his priceless work normalizing the cannabis scene. Teacher, philosopher, writer... he's one of the big thinkers of the XX century, and is considered one of the pioneers in the fight for the cannabis users' rights.

    39 zł
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    Jack Diesel offers a special hybridization created with Jack Herer and NYC Diesel. Strong plant with short internodal distance and large central bud. In indoor growing, it should not lengthen the growing period. For flowering, it is recommended to have anti-odor filters or ionizers.

    59 zł
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    MayDay express is the result of crossing our fast and compact 80's Misty, with receptive females of Low Ryder#2.

    31 zł
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    It was born at the end of 70s in the USA, became famous thanks the Jimy Hendrix song. That variety is an ancient of the Positronics' Purple Haze#1, in fact at the beginning it had middle-high psychoactiveness and minimum production. The Hazes were too pure to bloom and they couln't finish to grow up till the end; but it was the variety most smoked in...

    59 zł
Pokazuje 1 - 12 z 14 elementów