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  • Auto White Widow
    Auto White Widow

    This auto flowering plant is the auto flowering version of the White...

    63 zł
  • White Widow Automatic
    White Widow Automatic

    White Widow Automatic z Royal Queen Seeds to kolejna, automatycznie...

    36 zł
  • Critical Kush
    Critical Kush

    Critical Kush to efekt bardzo długiegiej pracy nad genami dwóch słynnych...

    151 zł
  • Auto Skunk Mass
    Auto Skunk Mass

    Auto Skunk Mass gwarantuje gęste topy z mnóstwem żywicy. Aromat jest...

    21 zł
  • OG Kush
    OG Kush

    Nasiona marihuany OG Kush z Dinafem. Według Dinafem jest to ich...

    43 zł

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    From the African strains, Nigeria and Congo were used to create 1000L x Diesel, a Sativa strain, One of the favorite strains for consumers in the Canary Islands. By studying its evolution, it was decided to introduce an Afghan Indica variety coming from Herap mountains, to adapt it to indoor growing.

    42 zł
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    Hassala is a highly Indica strain from a new Afghan selection and a new Colombian phenotype named Red Dot. It is a strong, short plant with an abundant flowering.

    42 zł
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    Pakinostan is a spectacular variety, double-Indica from the mountains. It is the result of a combination with Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is a short plant, with rapid growth and very productive flowering.

    42 zł
Pokazuje 1 - 3 z 3 elementów